Bird Protection Nets

Bird-Nets are commonly used to protect fish or other livestock in pens, nets, tanks or ponds from flying predators that may be interested in eating the fish or what you are feeding them. We usually carry a couple of common sizes for this purpose but we are not limited to only a few. Mesh to stop birds from gorging on your Berry Crops, Berry Netting is also available.

Top Cover or Bird Cover nets are commonly made into large flat sheets of mesh that simply cover the top of an open fish pen and is usually available in 4” and 8” Stretched mesh sizes. This mesh is made from twisted, knotted Polyethylene which will not absorb water and will therefore NOT stretch and sag or shrink when it gets wet. This mesh is also very UV resistant and is typically lasting 5 – 8 years when used in golf driving range applications. We have also constructed very large covering nets complete with sidewalls to entirely enclose large land based Trout Farms or hatchery tank systems. These nets have rope edges, borders and supporting riblines to allow them to be suspended and secured in place for many years.  There is no standard size available, most Bird-Nets are made to order to whatever specs you require.

Some of these highlight Bird-Nets particularly large ones that enclose entire sites others show the different type of cage system, this one for 25m x 25m nets. Also fish in the cage/net,

System Bird-Net:

System Bird-Net

Cage System with fully enclosing Bird-Net:
Cage System with fully enclosing Bird-Net

Feeder pipe in center of cage net:

Feeder pipe in center of cage net

Full cage system under one Bird-Net:

Full cage system under one Bird-Net

Rainbow Trout in Farm Net:

Rainbow Trout in Farm Net

Securing along length:

Securing along length

Bird-Net ready to be installed:
Bird-Net ready to be installed
Initial installation over earthen raceway:

Initial installation over earthen raceway

Permanent Support:

Permanent Support

Center Circular Bird-Net:

Center Circular Bird-Net

Knotless Bird-Netting:

Knotless Bird-Netting

P-Tarps ready to be deployed if needed & Bird Stand:

P-Tarps ready to be deployed if needed & Bird Stand