Crab Traps

Collapsible Crab Trap:

Collapsible Crab Trap

Collapsible Trap Flat:

Collapsible Trap Flat

Crab Trap Top Opening:

Crab Trap Top Opening

Stainless Steel Crab Trap:

Stainless Steel Crab Trap

Oyster Tray Grow-Out Systems

Stacking tray systems for oysters or mussels is an efficient way to deal with substantial numbers of animals in a relatively compact package. For each lift to the surface a large number can be dealt with at one time whether for cleaning maintenance or harvesting rather than having to deal with many smaller packages. If the infrastructure exists to handle these larger systems the economies of scale afforded by them can increase production to a whole new level. Sizes and types of Oyster Growing Trays are many and varied but we are happy to supply whichever type best suits your needs.

Very affordable and easy way to grow small to jumbo oysters. Excellent way to harvest oysters or other shellfish.


  • Holes on sides and bottom for maximum water flow
  • Durable in extreme weather or water conditions
  • High profits/fastest growth time
  • Economical and practical
  • Used to grow extra small to jumbo oysters and other shellfish
  • Stacks can be lowered from rafts or used for growing on beaches
  • Lids Available
  • 100% recyclable

Materials: Injection moulded high density polyethylene
Dimensions: 61 cm X 61 cm X 21 cm (OD)56 cm X 56 cm X 19 cm (ID)
Weight: 2 kg, 1.1 kg lid
Load Capacity: Up to 11.5 kg
Colour: Black or custom colours available upon request
Shipping: 48 per pallet, 1,248 on pallets per 53′ trailer


Longline, Mussel & Marker Bouys

We carry a range of smaller black plastic Mussel bouys typically for suspending mussel longline systems. As well we have larger “Barrel Bouys” which are rotationally molded plastic as well fashioned from a steel drum. These bouys have rounded ends and beefy loops on each for securing in a longline system where typically two long horizontal ropes will be strung through each end of these barrels so that many will lay in a line between these two horizontal surface ropes and will carry the weight of shellfish growing systems suspended vertically off these surface lines. These Barrel Bouys are typically black to reduce their visibility but they are also available in yellow.

These Yellow Bouys are the same in every way except color to the black ones but their diameter of at least 60 cm meets the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) requirement for the minimum size for obstruction bouys required to delineate the boundaries of open water shellfish farms on the surface of the ocean. By anchoring these bouys from one end vertically and including reflective tape, a radar reflector and an amber-flashing solar powered Carmanah light on top, they will fully meet the CCG requirement for a “Corner” bouy to mark the outermost corner of your open water shellfish farm and possibly save you from having an unfamiliar tourist mariner anchoring his yacht in the middle of your system!

Fuzzy Mussel Crop Rope

This 3 – strand frayed rope has small rope fibers protruding off the rope everywhere in order to aid Mussels in better hanging onto this rope you socked them around when they were just tiny seed stock. If growth is good usually additional Spikes or Anti-sloughing Discs may have to be inserted through this rope at intervals as close as 16” apart to prevent the Mussels from sloughing off as they grow larger and heavier.

Lantern & Pearl Nets

Lantern and Pearl Nets for growing Scallops or oysters are available in different mesh sizes and configurations. Our current stock is rather low except for only the smallest mesh size in some Pearl Nets.

Additional product would have to be ordered and could be as much as 3 months delivery.

Package of 100 Pcs 10 Tier 50cm dia Lantern Net
1.5mm Mesh Pearl Net 1.5mm Mesh


Stacked Pearl Nets:
Stacked Pearl Nets

Pearl Nets close-up:
Pearl Nets close-up

How they are measured:
How they are measured

Measured Mesh Size:
Measured Mesh Size

Mesh Size of 10 -Tier Lantern:
Mesh Size of 10 -Tier Lantern

10 Tier Lantern Net:
10 Tier Lantern Net

Depth of shelves:
Depth of shelves

End Detail:
End Detail

Vexar™ Plastic Tube Netting

This tubular plastic mesh comes in a large roll 2500’ long in a diameter wide enough to open over a 5 gallon plastic bucket in a 5/8” square mesh size. It is available in many colors all at the same price. We have had Black, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green so far. We usually carry a roll or two of this mesh in stock.

Two Strand Oyster Rope

This rope, normally  in stock is  an unusually constructed 2 – Strand poly rope especially for the “Off Bottom” Oyster Grower. Small Oysters are tucked between the strands of this rope at intervals and then specific lengths holding perhaps 3 dozen or more oysters are suspended in the sea either from rafts or longline systems to grow and mature to a marketable size. At harvest the complete line is retrieved very quickly and this is a method that requires very little maintenance throughout the growing cycle. Our Black Poly 2-strand rope is the latest most UV resistant version and comes in rolls 3/16” diameter X 1800’ long.

2 - Strand Oyster Rope