Disinfection Treatment

After a net has been washed it gets submerged in a large heated tank of 70’ C water for a 30 min disinfecting bath.

This soak assures any harmful pathogens (if present) will not survive beyond this point. Although hot enough to kill pathogens, 70’ C is still not hot enough to do any damage to these nylon nets. In fact at our netting factory in Norway during the shrinking process, after the nylon fibers have been knitted into actual mesh, the entire new bale is submerged in water over 100’C to bring about the majority of the shrinkage that is expected. And if required, if the mesh is to be dyed, that is added at this time as well.

Hot Water Disinfection Tank:

Hot Water Disinfection Tank

Hot Water Dis Tank

Disinfection Tank