Diver Mort Rings

These also are kept in stock complete and ready to go usually and are an 18” diameter mild steel ring with a handle along one side and usually a Smolt-Mesh bag sewn into it.

For bio-security reasons it is common to have one of these nets for every netpen that you are growing fish in as divers will use this ring to recover dead fish that may have collected on the bottom of that particular net and then that Mort recovery Ring will stay with that net even though it gets disinfected after every use. This is a double protection to ensure there is no cross contamination if a problem arises in one pen it will not be transferred to the other by using the same Mort Recovery Ring. In keeping with this theme the diver and all his gear is thoroughly sprayed down with disinfectant as well before they even move on to the next net.

These are DIVER mort recovery rings with mesh bag. Divers will recover morts from each pen with one of these and there will be one for each net so there is no spread of disease between pens.

Diver Mort Ring w model

Diver Mort Ring outstretched arms