Lantern & Pearl Nets

Lantern and Pearl Nets for growing Scallops or oysters are available in different mesh sizes and configurations. Our current stock is rather low except for only the smallest mesh size in some Pearl Nets.

Additional product would have to be ordered and could be as much as 3 months delivery.

Package of 100 Pcs 10 Tier 50cm dia Lantern Net
1.5mm Mesh Pearl Net 1.5mm Mesh


Stacked Pearl Nets:
Stacked Pearl Nets

Pearl Nets close-up:
Pearl Nets close-up

How they are measured:
How they are measured

Measured Mesh Size:
Measured Mesh Size

Mesh Size of 10 -Tier Lantern:
Mesh Size of 10 -Tier Lantern

10 Tier Lantern Net:
10 Tier Lantern Net

Depth of shelves:
Depth of shelves

End Detail:
End Detail