Large Mort Rings

We also make large 1.2m – 1.8m diameter steel rings with mesh bags and lifting bridles attached that are used to recover morts from the bottoms of net pens without the use of a diver. Through special rigging of ropes and sometimes weights the job of Mort Recovery can be accomplished from the surface by hand or with the help of a mechanical capstan winch.

Sometimes a special recessed “Pit” in the center of the bottom of a net can aid in the placement of this ring and to ensure all morts are collected even when there is considerable tidal action. We can retrofit a “Pit” into any existing net and the same feature can also accommodate and automatic Lift-Up™ Mort recover System as well.

Large Mort Recovery Ring Before Deepening:

Large Mort Recovery Ring Before Deepening

After Deepening:

After Deepening 1