Oyster Tray Grow-Out Systems

Stacking tray systems for oysters or mussels is an efficient way to deal with substantial numbers of animals in a relatively compact package. For each lift to the surface a large number can be dealt with at one time whether for cleaning maintenance or harvesting rather than having to deal with many smaller packages. If the infrastructure exists to handle these larger systems the economies of scale afforded by them can increase production to a whole new level. Sizes and types of Oyster Growing Trays are many and varied but we are happy to supply whichever type best suits your needs.

Very affordable and easy way to grow small to jumbo oysters. Excellent way to harvest oysters or other shellfish.


  • Holes on sides and bottom for maximum water flow
  • Durable in extreme weather or water conditions
  • High profits/fastest growth time
  • Economical and practical
  • Used to grow extra small to jumbo oysters and other shellfish
  • Stacks can be lowered from rafts or used for growing on beaches
  • Lids Available
  • 100% recyclable

Materials: Injection moulded high density polyethylene
Dimensions: 61 cm X 61 cm X 21 cm (OD)56 cm X 56 cm X 19 cm (ID)
Weight: 2 kg, 1.1 kg lid
Load Capacity: Up to 11.5 kg
Colour: Black or custom colours available upon request
Shipping: 48 per pallet, 1,248 on pallets per 53′ trailer