Large Used Seine Corks For Sale

9 Litre = 9 kgs buoyancy. Corks are approx 10.5” Long X 8.5” Diameter with 1.75” Center Opening.

Price for these is $ 7 each for volumes less than (80) pieces, Multiples of (80) pieces Full Bags $ 5 each.

Crab Traps

Collapsible Crab Trap:

Collapsible Crab Trap

Collapsible Trap Flat:

Collapsible Trap Flat

Crab Trap Top Opening:

Crab Trap Top Opening

Stainless Steel Crab Trap:

Stainless Steel Crab Trap

Net Tester

Before proceeding with other operations the strength of the nets are tested using our net tester as shown.

Close up Dyno:
Close up Dyno

Net Break Strength Tester:
Net Break Strength Tester

Net Tester Side View:
Net Tester Side View

Tester on Net:
Tester on Net

Net Washer

These are pics of the actual Net Washer

Inside Net Washer towards motor end:
inside Net Washer towards motor end

Lid Securing Bolts:
Lid Securing Bolts

Washer Lid:
Washer Lid

Inside Net Washer outlet end:
inside Net Washer outlet end

Predator Nets

System Predator Net Installed

These are nets that will usually encompass the entire “cage system” around the outside and underneath to protect the grower nets and the stock within from large predators such as seals and sea lions.

This larger mesh net can be seen in this photo hanging down from the corner of a 14-cage system along the outside corner of the walkway.



Barge Tarps are smaller than plankton tarps and are used to wrap the entire underside of a floating structure usually once it arrives at a new site. By wrapping it tightly and pumping out as much water as possible the living organisms will soon die of oxygen starvation and begin to rot and fall away from the barges hull. After a few weeks the tarp can be removed and the rotted dead fouling can be allowed to fall away and then the bottom of this float is effectively disinfected of organisms from another site that may possibly have harboured harmful pathogens or a virus that could otherwise cause problems to the new stock grown at this new site.

Shark Guards:







Plankton Tarps

Plankton Tarps can range in size from 30’ – 40+’  deep x 220’ – 425’ long. These tarps made from relatively light weight nylon (tent like) fabrics reinforced with ropes and seatbelt webbing are used to encircle entire fish farm nets as they are suspended in the sea to create an impervious barrier through which harmful plankton cannot pass.

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Net Construction

At Campbell River Netloft Ltd (CRN) we are experienced in the construction of all kinds of nets. Nets for Fish Farms primarily but also for many other uses from children’s play areas to themed indoor decorations to larger than life depictions of giant Douglas Fir trees and clouds used in the opening ceremonies for the Commonwealth Games in Victoria in 1994

Diagrams of nets, mort rings and their set-up and use, bottom designs of nets.


New net construction:

Antifoulant Treatment

Installing antifoulant treated
(Netrex AF) 30m² Grower net into cage

We have been offering Antifoulant treatment for nets since 2004 using Netrex AF™, a copper based wax emulsion coating. Netrex AF is a product imported from Norway and approved for use in Canada under the Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency.

Being made with high quality food grade wax this product does not dry hard and stiff as others do but rather maintains a flexible consistency which keeps the mesh of the nets pliable and supple. This “flexible” property of Netrex means this coating will not flake off and litter the seafloor under the farms like the other hard drying products do.

Results in the field show Netrex AF to be the Top Performer out of all net antifouling products currently available here.

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Disinfection Treatment

After a net has been washed it gets submerged in a large heated tank of 70’ C water for a 30 min disinfecting bath.

This soak assures any harmful pathogens (if present) will not survive beyond this point. Although hot enough to kill pathogens, 70’ C is still not hot enough to do any damage to these nylon nets. In fact at our netting factory in Norway during the shrinking process, after the nylon fibers have been knitted into actual mesh, the entire new bale is submerged in water over 100’C to bring about the majority of the shrinkage that is expected. And if required, if the mesh is to be dyed, that is added at this time as well.

Hot Water Disinfection Tank:

Hot Water Disinfection Tank

Hot Water Dis Tank

Disinfection Tank

Repairs and Alterations

CRN’s Net Repair Service encompasses a complete range of operations usually completed for every net that we do. Prior to commencing actual repairs each net is Evaluated for mesh strength. The mesh strength is measured in accordance to the “Aquaculture Regulations” using an approved mesh strength testing device where several “Breaks” are made throughout different prescribed areas of the net and averages are taken and recorded.

The overall strength must fall within the minimum required or the net would be scrapped at that point. If it passes, the repair process can proceed and the evaluation will continue as well. The remainder of the evaluation involves recording the overall dimensions of the net as well as noting any other special features, the number of holes and descriptions of the damage found and the work done to that net. Repairs are affected in such a way as to bring the net back to its original specs or as close to this as the customer requires. Overall shrinkage is common but depending on that nets future use an existing shrunk dimension may be fine or they may want “wedges” installed to bring the overall size back to where it was when it was first built. All of this info is recorded and saved onto a hard copy Service Report which is archived on site and can be emailed to the client so this record is available at the farm site where this net is to be used as per the Aquaculture Regulations.

Handling the sometimes Very Large nets that are used on the farms is a job made much quicker and easier by the help of any of our large or small forklifts all equipped with hydraulically driven Net Drums.

Click images to enlarge:

These Engineer Certified, Worksafe BC Approved attachments greatly reduce the handling time and additional damage that can sometimes be caused by the use of forks alone. Our staff as well are spared the strain of having to pull these massive nets around by hand.

After repairs have been completed the nets are spooled up and bundled in a way that makes them simple to deploy once on site and relatively easy to transport in order to get them there. Having a large drum for this job saves additional wear on the nets and overall time for the repairs which ultimately saves our customers money.

We have large bags available for packaging and transport of large nets.


We carry a full stock of 3 –strand Tarred and Twisted Nylon Twines as well as Braided Twines if you have a need for them. Our Twisted Tarred Nylon ranges from # 15 up to # 48 in 1 – 2 lb rolls. Our natural white Braided Twine ranges from 1.8mm diameter up to 3.5mm and even some larger # 72, #84 or even up to # 108 Braided twines.

Anchor Hardware

To  enable you to anchor your farm or secure your rafts or longline systems, we carry a stock of Load Rated Galvanized Shackles, Thimbles and Long Link Anchor Chain for your needs. Chain available in Galvanized or black typically in ¾” and 1” diameters but it can also be supplied in 1”+ sizes if you think it is required.

Mooring Hardware:
Mooring Hardware


We carry a full range of 3 – strand Polysteel™ rope from ¼” all the way up to 2” diameter. We also carry an assortment of Braided Ropes and Leadline and are able to source any other type you could possibly need as well.

We carry a significant supply of common rope sizes in stock at all times from ¼” up to ¾”. As well we carry several coils each of larger diameter ropes such as 1”, 1.25” and 1.5” in case someone has an immediate need but we can also order in specific sizes in larger quantities if you are planning on setting up a new anchor grid etc. Common sizes are usually only 2 – 3 days away for delivery, up to 2 weeks if not in stock in Vancouver.

Large Stock – Ropes:
Large Stock - Ropes

3 – Strand Ropes All Sizes:
3 - Strand Ropes All Sizes

Large Diameter Mooring Ropes:

Large Diameter Mooring Ropes

Oyster Tray Grow-Out Systems

Stacking tray systems for oysters or mussels is an efficient way to deal with substantial numbers of animals in a relatively compact package. For each lift to the surface a large number can be dealt with at one time whether for cleaning maintenance or harvesting rather than having to deal with many smaller packages. If the infrastructure exists to handle these larger systems the economies of scale afforded by them can increase production to a whole new level. Sizes and types of Oyster Growing Trays are many and varied but we are happy to supply whichever type best suits your needs.

Very affordable and easy way to grow small to jumbo oysters. Excellent way to harvest oysters or other shellfish.


  • Holes on sides and bottom for maximum water flow
  • Durable in extreme weather or water conditions
  • High profits/fastest growth time
  • Economical and practical
  • Used to grow extra small to jumbo oysters and other shellfish
  • Stacks can be lowered from rafts or used for growing on beaches
  • Lids Available
  • 100% recyclable

Materials: Injection moulded high density polyethylene
Dimensions: 61 cm X 61 cm X 21 cm (OD)56 cm X 56 cm X 19 cm (ID)
Weight: 2 kg, 1.1 kg lid
Load Capacity: Up to 11.5 kg
Colour: Black or custom colours available upon request
Shipping: 48 per pallet, 1,248 on pallets per 53′ trailer


Longline, Mussel & Marker Bouys

We carry a range of smaller black plastic Mussel bouys typically for suspending mussel longline systems. As well we have larger “Barrel Bouys” which are rotationally molded plastic as well fashioned from a steel drum. These bouys have rounded ends and beefy loops on each for securing in a longline system where typically two long horizontal ropes will be strung through each end of these barrels so that many will lay in a line between these two horizontal surface ropes and will carry the weight of shellfish growing systems suspended vertically off these surface lines. These Barrel Bouys are typically black to reduce their visibility but they are also available in yellow.

These Yellow Bouys are the same in every way except color to the black ones but their diameter of at least 60 cm meets the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) requirement for the minimum size for obstruction bouys required to delineate the boundaries of open water shellfish farms on the surface of the ocean. By anchoring these bouys from one end vertically and including reflective tape, a radar reflector and an amber-flashing solar powered Carmanah light on top, they will fully meet the CCG requirement for a “Corner” bouy to mark the outermost corner of your open water shellfish farm and possibly save you from having an unfamiliar tourist mariner anchoring his yacht in the middle of your system!

Fuzzy Mussel Crop Rope

This 3 – strand frayed rope has small rope fibers protruding off the rope everywhere in order to aid Mussels in better hanging onto this rope you socked them around when they were just tiny seed stock. If growth is good usually additional Spikes or Anti-sloughing Discs may have to be inserted through this rope at intervals as close as 16” apart to prevent the Mussels from sloughing off as they grow larger and heavier.

Lantern & Pearl Nets

Lantern and Pearl Nets for growing Scallops or oysters are available in different mesh sizes and configurations. Our current stock is rather low except for only the smallest mesh size in some Pearl Nets.

Additional product would have to be ordered and could be as much as 3 months delivery.

Package of 100 Pcs 10 Tier 50cm dia Lantern Net
1.5mm Mesh Pearl Net 1.5mm Mesh


Stacked Pearl Nets:
Stacked Pearl Nets

Pearl Nets close-up:
Pearl Nets close-up

How they are measured:
How they are measured

Measured Mesh Size:
Measured Mesh Size

Mesh Size of 10 -Tier Lantern:
Mesh Size of 10 -Tier Lantern

10 Tier Lantern Net:
10 Tier Lantern Net

Depth of shelves:
Depth of shelves

End Detail:
End Detail

Vexar™ Plastic Tube Netting

This tubular plastic mesh comes in a large roll 2500’ long in a diameter wide enough to open over a 5 gallon plastic bucket in a 5/8” square mesh size. It is available in many colors all at the same price. We have had Black, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green so far. We usually carry a roll or two of this mesh in stock.

Two Strand Oyster Rope

This rope, normally  in stock is  an unusually constructed 2 – Strand poly rope especially for the “Off Bottom” Oyster Grower. Small Oysters are tucked between the strands of this rope at intervals and then specific lengths holding perhaps 3 dozen or more oysters are suspended in the sea either from rafts or longline systems to grow and mature to a marketable size. At harvest the complete line is retrieved very quickly and this is a method that requires very little maintenance throughout the growing cycle. Our Black Poly 2-strand rope is the latest most UV resistant version and comes in rolls 3/16” diameter X 1800’ long.

2 - Strand Oyster Rope

Sports Netting

Sports Netting  –  for Golf Driving Ranges, Indoor Ball sport protection and containment, Individual backstops for puck shooting etc.

Paintball Range boundary nets from used mesh depending on availability. Small enough mesh that a paintball cannot pass through and yet relatively inexpensive because it is USED.

Driving Range Netting Panels:
Driving Range Netting Panels

Driving Range:
Driving Range

Specialty Nets

Small Square Pen Net

We have constructed a very large, very involved traditional aboriginal multi-winged and multi-part salmon trap net for a live salmon catch and tagging program. We have made specialized Beach Seines for a Government Hatchery broodstock capture program.

We have constructed very specific Bird-Net sets to cover irregularly shaped holding ponds and yet still be tight over the entire surface. Altered existing used nets into debris (Bark) catching bags for forestry log dumps where bundles of logs off trucks slide down rails into the sea. We have made cargo nets for Helicopter Shake Block Loggers and Tree Planters to fly seedlings high up on the hillsides to where the planters await.

We have built large circular nylon Tuna Nets for Mexico, smaller and less strong nets for tourists to swim in among sharks outside the net at a Caribbean resort and Barracuda proof semi-rigid plastic nets for Milkfish in Malaysia. If you can conceive it we can most likely build it with mesh of some sort.

Bark Catching Net made from recycled Fish Farm Net


This swinging wall of mesh sits in a hatchery tank typically and then the walls are worked around the tank like clock hands to eventually crowd the fish into a smaller and smaller area from which they are more easily removed.

Tank Crowder Seine net:

Sport netting:

Large Mort Rings

We also make large 1.2m – 1.8m diameter steel rings with mesh bags and lifting bridles attached that are used to recover morts from the bottoms of net pens without the use of a diver. Through special rigging of ropes and sometimes weights the job of Mort Recovery can be accomplished from the surface by hand or with the help of a mechanical capstan winch.

Sometimes a special recessed “Pit” in the center of the bottom of a net can aid in the placement of this ring and to ensure all morts are collected even when there is considerable tidal action. We can retrofit a “Pit” into any existing net and the same feature can also accommodate and automatic Lift-Up™ Mort recover System as well.

Large Mort Recovery Ring Before Deepening:

Large Mort Recovery Ring Before Deepening

After Deepening:

After Deepening 1

Diver Mort Rings

These also are kept in stock complete and ready to go usually and are an 18” diameter mild steel ring with a handle along one side and usually a Smolt-Mesh bag sewn into it.

For bio-security reasons it is common to have one of these nets for every netpen that you are growing fish in as divers will use this ring to recover dead fish that may have collected on the bottom of that particular net and then that Mort recovery Ring will stay with that net even though it gets disinfected after every use. This is a double protection to ensure there is no cross contamination if a problem arises in one pen it will not be transferred to the other by using the same Mort Recovery Ring. In keeping with this theme the diver and all his gear is thoroughly sprayed down with disinfectant as well before they even move on to the next net.

These are DIVER mort recovery rings with mesh bag. Divers will recover morts from each pen with one of these and there will be one for each net so there is no spread of disease between pens.

Diver Mort Ring w model

Diver Mort Ring outstretched arms


IMG_0030We make Dip-Nets for use in larger nets or tanks to the mesh specs and depth that you desire. We keep a stock of circular stainless steel heads on hand to be able to mount the mesh bag of your choice onto it. This completed Dip-Net Head in turn can be mounted commonly onto an aluminum “Pike Type” pole handle of the length that you chose as well.

Our heads are “Supported” with a second attachment point or brace that extends up the handle and is securely bolted in place once the approx 10 cm lag screw at the edge of the hoop has been screwed into the base of the handle. The actual “Hoop” opening is 16” – 18” diameter and this is capable of catching up to 20+ lb fish.




Seine Nets

Box Seine

Sweep Nets or Crowding Nets for handling the larger population of fish inside larger nets are something we build regularly.

These nets can be for very small fish in tanks with very fine 4mm mesh and vertical poles mounted in the ends for controlling it inside the tank up to very large Harvest Seines, 45m wide x 40m deep mesh panels complete with large corks along the topline and heavy leadline along the bottom. These nets typically require mechanical assistance in order to use them effectively.

We also make Grading Seines complete with Flexi-Panel™ plastic tube grading bars for selective size grading of larger populations of fish inside a net. The options for seine nets are many and varied so best to email your requirements and objectives in order to determine which would be best for you.

We build and repair large seine nets with or without Flexi-Panel grading panels installed. These grading panel allow the smaller fish through and the larger fish stay on the other side for earlier harvest or size grading. Panels are made in Scotland.


Fish Farm Nets

We make all ranges of sizes and shapes of nets for Fish Farms large and small. From small 1.8m diameter circular nets used inside hatchery tanks right up to very large 120m circumference x 30m deep Grow-Out Nets used for everything from Salmon to Tuna and even temporary Killer Whale holding.

All shapes are possible as well with square and circular shaped nets being the most common but we have also built triangular nets to maximize space in a small indoor breeding operation where tank space was minimal and there was a requirement for many separate holding areas.
Coned Bottom nets are also a common feature we build into our nets where concentrating morts or uneaten feed to some type of retrieval device is required.

Circular Farm Cage system:


14 – cage system, all nets in:

14 - cage system, all nets in

This farm net combines nylon mesh on top with Hybrid (Dyneema blend) mesh in all areas below 3m from the surface.

Plexus is the trade name of this special high strength/light weight netting made by our parent company MoreNot:
Sidewall with Nylon Upper and Plexus mesh lower sections

Sidewall with Nylon Upper and Plexus mesh lower sections Combo Hybrid 25m x 25m x 12m + 1.25m:
Combo Hybrid 25m x 25m x 12m + 1.25m Nov 2012
Circle Cages:

Circle cages

Trout Farm Columbia River:
Trout Farm Columbia River

Trout Farm 2 Columbia River