We carry a full range of 3 – strand Polysteel™ rope from ¼” all the way up to 2” diameter. We also carry an assortment of Braided Ropes and Leadline and are able to source any other type you could possibly need as well.

We carry a significant supply of common rope sizes in stock at all times from ¼” up to ¾”. As well we carry several coils each of larger diameter ropes such as 1”, 1.25” and 1.5” in case someone has an immediate need but we can also order in specific sizes in larger quantities if you are planning on setting up a new anchor grid etc. Common sizes are usually only 2 – 3 days away for delivery, up to 2 weeks if not in stock in Vancouver.

Large Stock – Ropes:
Large Stock - Ropes

3 – Strand Ropes All Sizes:
3 - Strand Ropes All Sizes

Large Diameter Mooring Ropes:

Large Diameter Mooring Ropes