Seine Nets

Sweep Nets or Crowding Nets for handling the larger population of fish inside larger nets are something we build regularly.

These nets can be for very small fish in tanks with very fine 4mm mesh and vertical poles mounted in the ends for controlling it inside the tank up to very large Harvest Seines, 45m wide x 40m deep mesh panels complete with large corks along the topline and heavy leadline along the bottom. These nets typically require mechanical assistance in order to use them effectively.

We also make Grading Seines complete with Flexi-Panel™ plastic tube grading bars for selective size grading of larger populations of fish inside a net. The options for seine nets are many and varied so best to email your requirements and objectives in order to determine which would be best for you.

We build and repair large seine nets with or without Flexi-Panel grading panels installed. These grading panel allow the smaller fish through and the larger fish stay on the other side for earlier harvest or size grading. Panels are made in Scotland.