Specialty Nets

We have constructed a very large, very involved traditional aboriginal multi-winged and multi-part salmon trap net for a live salmon catch and tagging program. We have made specialized Beach Seines for a Government Hatchery broodstock capture program.

We have constructed very specific Bird-Net sets to cover irregularly shaped holding ponds and yet still be tight over the entire surface. Altered existing used nets into debris (Bark) catching bags for forestry log dumps where bundles of logs off trucks slide down rails into the sea. We have made cargo nets for Helicopter Shake Block Loggers and Tree Planters to fly seedlings high up on the hillsides to where the planters await.

We have built large circular nylon Tuna Nets for Mexico, smaller and less strong nets for tourists to swim in among sharks outside the net at a Caribbean resort and Barracuda proof semi-rigid plastic nets for Milkfish in Malaysia. If you can conceive it we can most likely build it with mesh of some sort.

Bark Catching Net made from recycled Fish Farm Net


This swinging wall of mesh sits in a hatchery tank typically and then the walls are worked around the tank like clock hands to eventually crowd the fish into a smaller and smaller area from which they are more easily removed.

Tank Crowder Seine net:

Sport netting: