Crab Traps

Collapsible Crab Trap:

Collapsible Crab Trap

Collapsible Trap Flat:

Collapsible Trap Flat

Crab Trap Top Opening:

Crab Trap Top Opening

Stainless Steel Crab Trap:

Stainless Steel Crab Trap

Plankton Tarps

Plankton Tarps can range in size from 30’ – 40+’  deep x 220’ – 425’ long. These tarps made from relatively light weight nylon (tent like) fabrics reinforced with ropes and seatbelt webbing are used to encircle entire fish farm nets as they are suspended in the sea to create an impervious barrier through which harmful plankton cannot pass.

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Specialty Nets

Small Square Pen Net

We have constructed a very large, very involved traditional aboriginal multi-winged and multi-part salmon trap net for a live salmon catch and tagging program. We have made specialized Beach Seines for a Government Hatchery broodstock capture program.

We have constructed very specific Bird-Net sets to cover irregularly shaped holding ponds and yet still be tight over the entire surface. Altered existing used nets into debris (Bark) catching bags for forestry log dumps where bundles of logs off trucks slide down rails into the sea. We have made cargo nets for Helicopter Shake Block Loggers and Tree Planters to fly seedlings high up on the hillsides to where the planters await.

We have built large circular nylon Tuna Nets for Mexico, smaller and less strong nets for tourists to swim in among sharks outside the net at a Caribbean resort and Barracuda proof semi-rigid plastic nets for Milkfish in Malaysia. If you can conceive it we can most likely build it with mesh of some sort.

Bark Catching Net made from recycled Fish Farm Net


This swinging wall of mesh sits in a hatchery tank typically and then the walls are worked around the tank like clock hands to eventually crowd the fish into a smaller and smaller area from which they are more easily removed.

Tank Crowder Seine net:

Sport netting:

Seine Nets

Box Seine

Sweep Nets or Crowding Nets for handling the larger population of fish inside larger nets are something we build regularly.

These nets can be for very small fish in tanks with very fine 4mm mesh and vertical poles mounted in the ends for controlling it inside the tank up to very large Harvest Seines, 45m wide x 40m deep mesh panels complete with large corks along the topline and heavy leadline along the bottom. These nets typically require mechanical assistance in order to use them effectively.

We also make Grading Seines complete with Flexi-Panel™ plastic tube grading bars for selective size grading of larger populations of fish inside a net. The options for seine nets are many and varied so best to email your requirements and objectives in order to determine which would be best for you.

We build and repair large seine nets with or without Flexi-Panel grading panels installed. These grading panel allow the smaller fish through and the larger fish stay on the other side for earlier harvest or size grading. Panels are made in Scotland.